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Apollo2 Energy Monitor

Device features

  • 6 Temperature sensors.
  • 2 Data Ports
  •    Flow meter(s)
  •    CT sensor(s)
  • 1 Pressure sensor
  • Ethernet to existing internet conection
  • Static IP or DHCP option.
  • Connects directly to inverter.
  • Monitors Thermaland AND PV.

Web portal features

  • Separate Secure login for Installer and User.
  • Installer portal with integrated Google Maps, Custom alert configurations, and comparative performance charts.
  • 5 years service model.
  • Access data from any web browser, anywhere in the world.
  • Computer and mobile phone, Iphone compatible.
  • View predicted vs actual performance for kWh and BTU/hr.
  • Compare heat generated vs hot water consumed.
  • No software to install.




The Apollo2 Energy Monitoring System has been engineered for commercial applications and provides “performance based” energy monitoring for both Solar Electric (PV) and Solar Thermal (HW) systems.  The affordable Apollo2 solution brings the benefits of web-based monitoring within reach for all customers.  With the ‘ZERO Config’ setup, installation is simple and requires no on-site configuration or networking experience.  Simply plug in the sensors and connect to an existing router and the unit self-configures to begin sending data immediately.  The Apollo2 automatically interfaces to the SunReports Web2.0 portal via standard Ethernet to present real-time and historical data in an easy to understand format.  The SunReports design philosophy is to “make energy easy”; easy to install, easy to use, and easy to understand. Installer and Customer web portals are accessible anywhere there is a web-browser and an Internet connection.  No application software required.  Access SunReports monitoring from the home, office, or around the world via any web-enabled desktop computer, laptop, netbook, or smart phone.   The same unit is capable of monitoring solar PV, solar Hot Water, and solar Pool Heating systems. Installers can use the Installer Portal to monitor all their installations from one remote location.



1 Apollo 2 device

1 Ethernet cable

1 Inverter cable

2 A/C Load (CT1 & CT2)

2 Grundfos® VFS series flow sensor cables

1 SixSensor temperature cable.

1 pressure switch cable.

1 A/C adapter(Universal input, Us plug)

Quick start guide(s)

Optional accesories

Communication package including Power Line Carrier(PLC) network bridge.

Pressure switch.

Outdoor mounting kit


Input power:

   -5VDC, 1A

AC adapter:

   -100-240V AC 50/60 Hz


   -US 2-prong(other available)

Physical Dimensions:

   -5.5x4x1.4 in

   -(139.7x101.6x35.6 mm)


   -2.1lbs(0.95kg) with cables

Housing material:

   -Flame retardant ABS plastic

Housing rating:

   -UL 94-5VA


   -FCC-15 class B

   -CE mark


Operating temperature:


Cable lengths

   -14' Ethernet cable

   -14' Inverter cable

   -5' A/V load cables(CT1 & CT2)

   -13' Temperature sensor cable

   -4' Pressure switch cable

   -6' A/C adapter





Apollo 1


Apollo 2


Modular sensors x x
Thermal monitoring x x
PV monitoring x x
Internet connectivity x x
Pump ON/OFF detect(AC detect) x x
DHCP Network support x x
Pressure switch compatible x x
Local LED indicators x x
Wall mount x x
Flow meter compatible One Two
3-Loop Thermal Monitoring x
Double Thermal looping monitoring x
6 Temperature sensors x
Static IP Network support x
On-Line reporting
Secure Login x x
Installer Portal x x
User Portal x x
History and current data x x
Configurable alerts* x x
Interactive Google maps* x x
Predicted vs actual charts* x x
Energy equivalence display x x
Double BTU calculation x
Contribution to total energy chart x
Thermal loop comparison chart x

* Installer portal only